Happy New Year !


2016 has been a wonderful year, filled with joy and excitement. Many great acquaintances had been made.

I am grateful for all the friendships, supports and loves from the people I am lucky enough to be surrounded by every single day.

Despite all the setbacks and some events that made me want to quit, I always find a reason to move on, as I know, that the beautiful moments and memories I have shared with my family, friends and colleagues are worth fighting for. Not to mention my students with whom I am engaged in day-to-day interactions, who always make me realize all over again that being a lecturer is one helk of a job and that I enjoy every single minute I stand in front of a class.

For 2017, I wish each and everyone of you a peaceful year. May 2017 brings you love, joy and happiness. Forgiveness and tolerance may find their way to your heart.



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