Hubble, let’s roll




Hubble (human observatory on analysis of e-learning traces), the ANR project unites more than 40 experts and researchers in TEL and Educational Sciences from both public and private institutions.

Part of our implication in the project is to define different analysis scenarios for a dedicated learning case that we either use in our daily teaching activity or set up for experimental situations. Our goal is to help researchers study various aspects of an educational setting. For instance, thanks to the analysis made on the tracking data issued from a learning environment, researchers can explain the evolvement of the participants and their behaviours throughout a learning session.

We collaborate with several scientific partners to provide tracking approach (data collection methods) and data visualisation mechanisms for the selected learning environments covered by the project. We are also in charge of deploying technological solutions to ensure the protection of user personal data exploited, shared and distributed throughout the project.

Today marks the start of Hubble. Things are about to get serious :)

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