Life without Facebook, would it be better?



Social networks are part of our lives. Or should I say they invade our lives to a point beyond our control. Instead of doing something about it, we are embracing those so-called social technologies even more and more everyday. Let’s talk about Facebook, the most popular social network to date. While some of us are aware of the danger of using Facebook, others seem to neglect the privacy issues and the consequences of putting too much trust in Facebook. Have you ever asked what Facebook (could) have done with your wall posts? pictures of yours? and of those you tagged? or every single detail of your personal life, like the high school you went to 10 years ago and whom you got married to last weekend?

Facebook’s privacy rules are not that easy for users to understand. Therefore, they can get lost very easily in the pile of complicated privacy setting. And that’s exactly when they decide to let their guard down and pretend that there was no risk at all. A mistake indeed. Not everyone is reading what you post on Facebook with good intention.

Bear in mind that what you posted on the internet, would stay there f-o-r-e-v-e-r ! :) And the latest “Google forget me policy” won’t probably be any help to you. Wait a second, what’s Google doing here? Well, Facebook features an option allowing Google to index its content. So what you posted on your wall might also end up in Google search results.

I’m not dramatizing the situation here, but I really think it’s time for you to seriously reconsider the matter and to take control of what you post and share on Facebook. It’s not too late. Go to your Facebook timeline; tweak your post privacy setting to “Friends” or to those with whom you would like to share. And it’s done (for now).

Without privacy concerns, I admit that Facebook is one great social tool. I myself, use Facebook on a regular basis. It helps me get in touch with my family and friends from different corners of the world. Facebook also makes me laugh thanks to those nonsense status messages, compromising pictures and videos, some of which don’t even belong to my friends. Why is that? Well, Facebook is not that smart to warn you that what you are about to post is for the whole world and not for only your friends. I know right (/sarcasm).

Facebook is not the only social network we have become dependent on. Some of us misunderstand what social networks are for, and in time, start to lose sight of what probably matters to us the most: real life, real friends and real conversation without having to use ton of smilies which don’t even make sense.

So stop reading this post right now, go out, grab a beer with your friends, socialize differently. Leave Facebook for a while, it will be still there when you are back, while your friends won’t if you leave them behind too often.


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