Opération réussite pour Cibus

Le projet collectif représente pour moi un concept innovant dans la formation par la pratique. Celui-ci implique plusieurs acteurs d’apprentissage (concepteurs, auteurs, développeurs, informaticiens, experts du domaine, etc.) qui sont une source riche de compétences pluridisciplinaires dont les étudiants peuvent bénéficier pendant la réalisation du projet.

Cibus peut être considéré comme un parfait exemple d’une situation d’apprentissage moderne qui fait travailler les étudiants dans le cadre d’un projet à la fois scolaire et beaucoup plus proche de la réalité. Par conséquent, les étudiants sont obligés de travailler avec professionnalisme et sens du résultat.

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Cibus: Serious Game for serious learning and social interactions

On top of being Head of Research and Development at MobiTourism, I also work for the Industrial Engineering department at INSA Lyon as part-time lecturer. I gotta say, I couldn’t be happier being able to keep my teaching activities alive and to work with my research colleagues every Friday.

This post is a quick shout out to a group of students who work really hard at implementing Cibus, a Serious Game to promote learning and to place the social interactions at the center of collaborative learning. As a technical tutor, I can’t wait to witness the outcomes, which will be revealed by march 25th when Cibus is introduced to teachers and students in a case study of company/business creation challenge.

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A new beginning, Head of R&D at Mobi-Tourism

The title says it all. Starting from September 1st, I will be at Mobi-Tourism as Head of Research and Development.

Mobi-Tourism specializes in providing innovative technological solutions dedicated to e-tourism platform management. Mobi-Tourism offers its clients a complete package of services, built upon complex and advance Information System to run a successful e-tourism business.

I am pretty convincing about how the interests of  this 5 years old startup match mine. So far, I like the crew and the work environment. I will keep you posted on how thing goes. Stay tuned.


I am leaving…

After five years in the public service, I have finally decided to move on and put my lecturer-researcher career behind. Don’t freak out, I know this is not something you expected to hear from me after seeing all the effort I put into teaching and research. But guess what, making decision is part of our lives and one I am making right now is for my own good. Having said that, I could make a comeback someday as I am still strongly devoted to doing research (for now ^^).

So the question is, what am I going to do next? Well, I guess the answer is quite obvious, I am going back to what I used to be really good at, IT consulting.

Got a few permanent job proposals in R&D and IT consulting services and I am still in the process of decision-making right now. I keep you posted, so stay tuned :)